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We're all leaders of ourselves & we impact others by default.

The question is:

HOW do I want to lead myself & impact others?

Explore Embodied Leadership of Self & Others


self & relational leadership coaching

a supported journey about how you are to how you want to be - with yourself & others

Who & Why

This offering is about who you are with yourself & how that affects your relationships. It's about how you show up around others and what is the root of that inside yourself. This is about learning to lead yourself, and others, in directions you want to go & choosing how you want to be. 

Self-leadership is being with yourself
- as you are - and moving from there.

Relational Leadership is being with yourself & others
- as we are - and moving from there. 

It is leading from transparency
- rather than a "power over", force model.

This coaching package is for anyone.
We are all leaders of ourselves & we impact others - by default.

The quality of your relational leadership is the quality of your self-leadership.


We will explore how you show up as you navigate real life situations & people. I support you in exploring your growth edge with curiosity & care. I support you in creating & co-creating the community & culture you desire to live & work in. And in being the human & leader you desire to be - with yourself & with others.

Although open to anyone, this coaching package is a great next step for persons, and teams, who have taken my Human Connection at Work Workshop and desire support in their integration journey. 

Somatic coaching helps you tune into & be with your body & its messages - this leverages your ability to shift toward what you desire.


In coaching, the question is not "what do I know that you don’t" or "what problem have I encountered and solved that will solve your situation"? Coaching as a modality is generally described as supporting you moving from this moment toward what you desire. What generally prevents us from moving forward how & when we like is something from our past, or projections from our past into our future. We have stored energetic nervous system imprints from our life experience.

Somatic coaching gives you awareness of the root of challenges - giving you access to conscious choice that you can use to create the life you desire.
In somatic coaching, the question is what will the space of attuned presence, curiosity and clear non-judgment allow you to see in yourself? I will support you by listening deeply - with my entire being - and following your energy shifts as you explore your challenges and choices. I'll support you in seeing any new awareness and in consciously deciding what you want to do with what you see. 

What is Coaching & Somatic Coaching?

I hold a space of curious, compassionate acceptance of whatever arises in you, so you can safely explore new ways of being. I explain how I'm doing what - so you learn to attune & be present with yourself, to transmute stuck energy & move forward. 


"Somatics is a holistic way to transform. It engages our thinking, feeling, sensing, and actions. Transformation, from a somatic view,
means that the way we are, relate, and act become aligned with our visions and values—even under pressure. More than understanding and insight, it supports us in embodying new ways of being, aligned with a broader vision. Somatics is very effective in both healing trauma and embodying new skills for leadership, organization building, and social change."
The Politics of Trauma by Staci K. Haines

My Why (why me)

Society can default to shame & blame for leaders who are feeling emotions and activations from the challenge of their environment. I felt this.

I want to dissolve this with non-judgement of all feelings for everyone - to support growth for everyone.

I want to support everyone in becoming more accepting of themselves and, by extension, others. Our acceptance & transparency becomes key to good relational leadership.

In my business ownership journey I thoroughly explored what it’s like to feel resentment, frustration, anger, defeat, giving up & giving in - how coping with “it is what it is” seeps in & mutes us. (about me)


I learned that practicing nervous system regulation helps us change our perspective in life - allowing us to experience more of what we want. The state of our nervous system dictates how we feel - this can be seen in our bodies in terms of energy like anxiety and depression. It can also be seen in our thoughts and emotions. Learning to talk to our bodies with nervous system regulation tools can give us control to change our perspective - to choose to move toward contentment and even joy and away from fear, sadness and thoughts of not being good enough. 


I know what its like to feel unsupported in this journey - I want others to have the option of feeling validated, reassured & supported in their journey - leveraging our collective learnings.


This is a transformation journey - custom tailored to you. We start with an education session where we build a shared language that we'll expand on throughout. Following this, we'll meet for 1 hour a week to support you in clarifying and moving toward your goals, dreams, desires and vision.

Options to help Choose the Intensity you need.

12 session online video meeting journey $2000

You'll have a total of 15 weeks to use the 12 sessions.

6 session online video meeting journey to be used within 5 months. $1200

Co-create a Package that works for us - make a chat appointment and we can discuss. 

In person considered.

Payment due in advance to preserve & honor the energy, timing & quality of the experience container. Credit card accepted for additional fee. Payment in installments, every 3 sessions, in advance of sessions considered.

Team coaching and meeting facilitation is available - cost is dependant on details. For team coaching specifically, the team would benefit from having taken my Human Connection at Work Workshop . Please reach out to discuss. 

when, how long & how much

As part of the journey, I will explain to you what I'm doing and teach you to do this for yourself. This transparency empowers you - or rather keeps your power with you. 
I value Integration over Speed.Co-create a package that allows you space to breathe and integrate & also gives you intensity for your transformation.

Book a Chat!

Interested & ready to book? Or checking if we're a fit? 

Curious & want to chat? Need more context? 


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