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Bernice Rahm
recovering CEO- in service to human connection

Grab a snack & enjoy my bio story!

Bernice Rahm Portrait

Bernice Rahm is a Recovering CEO/CTO/Founder/Boss/”Doer of All Things in a Business” …who never wanted to be an entrepreneur. There is no origin story of a lemonade stand…there is an origin story of 5 year old Bernice not understanding why Fred never just talked to Wilma about what was going on instead of all the drama...


Bernice is a grounded, open, playful & human leader who has often felt out of alignment with “how things are done” (including writing about herself in 3rd person for a bio); also how we talk to, treat & attempt to control each other; and how “being human” is not central in business.

I co-founded a company that created a new niche industry - manufacturing rings & scales for chainmail. The business crossed demographics and industries serving a diverse worldwide customer base. These customers included:

- any demographic of crafter or artist making jewelry, art or clothing -  industrial companies eg. JPL Laboratories (NASA) who used our scales on the Insight Mission seismometer that is now on Mars - fashion designers eg. for Madonna & Miley Cyrus - film production companies eg. we created costumes for Game of Thrones, The Hobbit and Warcraft - and architectural project designers eg. we made the largest chainmail curtain in the world for a water feature for a Casino in Macau.  

Community was central to my philosophy and success. What feeds me has always been the connections with people I am creating with, supporting & leading. I created a fun, inclusive and connective environment with our customers and staff by being real, open and human. I more than listened to my customers - we co-created product offerings based on their wants and creative desires. I knew they were the experts and my role was to support and enable them. We also often asked our community to help make the big name projects. This created a powerful synergy that both invited them into the excitement of the company journey and gave them pretty amazing bragging rights! 


The result was 20% growth for 15 years straight! The company became a multi-million dollar worldwide business. When I sold it, over 20 years after its founding, it had approximately 19 staff, 20 machines, over 8000 products and over 18,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing, warehousing and shipping space. I had become a Regional Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year. And the company had been a finalist for SABEX Business of the Year award and Customer Service award. 

…all of this is great for mic drops at parties…
and now I want to share the human part.
Bernice Rahm Blue Metal Scale Dress Portrait
Bernice Rahm displaying inventory and order picking app and system she designed

During this process from founding to selling I saw (and did)…everything… 

Here is a small portion of what I did…I bought and sold businesses and took on and bought out partners. I designed extensively detailed systems that connected everything involved in the running of the company. I designed and coded a custom website and app that integrated with an online ordering system, order picking, shipping, inventory, kanban manufacturing and purchasing. I hired, trained and entertained staff. I created online community where staff, suppliers and customers shared connection and excitement about each other, the art and their projects. I valued truly understanding my staff’s roles - this often meant I performed their jobs, and in several cases was the most skilled expert. I put my Mechanical Engineering Degree to use designing machines and processes. I put my Architecture training to use designing & building factory buildings and spaces to suit the human and business needs. I used my artistic skills to create playful product photos and posts.     


I became a leader, industry famous OG, & worldwide expert
on all things chainmail! 
…and here’s a secret none of my customers knew...
 I have never really had any interest in chainmail. 

My extreme drive and resulting accomplishments were often because I was trying to get out of a situation in which I was deeply suffering. 


The business had taken over my entire life and I felt like I had no control. I often felt overwhelmed and in a reactive fight/flight state. I freely, and often graciously, honored the needs of partners, staff and customers and felt resentment in not being able to even acknowledge my own needs. 

Reflecting back I see, I felt and was successful, and so was my business, when I related in an open, curious and honest way that created mutually beneficial collaboration. Also reflecting I see, I felt so much frustration, resentment and helplessness when I related from a place of feeling like a victim, power struggle, or from just plain coping. During these times I didn’t feel “successful” - I felt unsupported, and often like I had to fight for myself or just put up with how things were. These are the times I would push, creating systems and solutions from this place of stress and fear. And the pattern repeated - for over 15 years. 

It’s often in our suffering that we find awareness
if we are willing to look.
Bernice Rahm exhausted and resting business owner in a bin of bagged metal rings
Bernice Rahm CEO in TRL factory showing an aisle of bags of metal rings and scales

Here is a snapshot of a tipping point moment: my mother was dying, I bought a supplier and took on a COO partner, I moved 2/3 of operations across the country, I laid off all staff and trained all new. Too much, too fast, for too long, without enough support. In this extreme, I went way past my max capacity setting and I found my anxiety. In that awareness of my humaness, a new deeper layer of my self-discovery journey began. 

I learned that the quality of my relationships, especially with myself, had always been the root of my success. I had been desperately working for a solution to my feeling of suffering in business from day one - and I began to find the solution had always been rooted in the way I was connecting with myself and others. It was never really about the perfect system, program or business model -  I had tweaked those constantly and the progress I made didn’t significantly change how I felt. It was about how I show up with myself and everyone else. 

With this awareness, I began to grow as a leader. I transformed all my relationships and started a real examination of who I wanted to be in life and how I wanted to contribute to this world. 

I learned to go from Doing
to Delegating
to Empowering
to Letting Go. 

Then, after I sold my company in 2019,

I spent a few years learning to Be. 

I started my role of “Recovering CEO” by learning to enjoy bike rides, just laying on a rock, hiking and being in the trees. I learned to get past the discomfort of “doing nothing” -  to deeply connect with myself and live from there. I developed a serious passion for holistic and somatic psychology. I educated myself and practiced these as my main “hobby” - “healing” became my all consuming passion. I examined my subconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, programming and relational tendencies and engaged in practices that changed me at my core. I explored my values and made decisions in line with them in a process of continual refinement. I re-found my playfulness, my passion for learning and sharing what I know and my desire to support others.

I became a Certified Professional Coach and Mentor and an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. I studied Polyvagal Theory, Nervous System Regulation and trauma healing. I trained in, and continue to explore, the deep relational practice of Circling and the playful and powerful practice of Authentic Relating. I started a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2024.

... it had snapped into focus for me - Purpose - a desire to empower others with my integrated insights.
The power of real human connection has always been central to my success - I just hadn't had the language or training to see my way to it in all challenges.
Now I do. 
Bernice Rahm recovering CEO resting on a beach in nature
Bernice Rahm in the trees in nature

I learned the hard way to be a human being in business.

Then I experienced the amazing impact of practicing personal & relational growth as a way of life.

It is my humble honor to share what I see.  

I spend most of my time supporting teams, leaders, managers, executives and employees in developing honest, open and connective business cultures and synergistic relationships with clients, suppliers, community, friends and family. 


I live in Victoria, BC, Canada and enjoy an aligned life connecting to nature and community, writing, dancing, sculpting and supporting humans in being human.


I practice relational and personal growth as a way of life.

I am excited to practice with you!

want to chat? let's connect!

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