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Increase awareness both intellectually & somatically and choose Who and How you want to Be!

Coaching Experiences

We're all leaders of ourselves & we impact others by default.

The question is "HOW do I want to lead myself & impact others?"

This offering is about who you are with yourself & how that affects your relationships. It's about how you show up around others and what is the root of that inside yourself. This is about learning to lead yourself, and others, in directions you want to go & choosing how you want to be.

leadership coaching

Bernice Rahm Redwoods Path in the trees in nature
Bernice Rahm Victory after selling TRL in nature

Go from DOING what you no longer value

to BEING who you want to be

There are moments when you notice what is around you, and what you value, are no longer aligned. When you desire to go from striving & doing at an elite level to...enjoying being human. Whatever your transition, I will support you in re-designing your world to bring more of what you desire.

transition coaching

The health of your business 

- and the quality of your life -

 is measured by the quality of your relationships

Learn & practice skills to build connection & transform conflict. This offering is about learning to see yourself and others more clearly & transform challenge into trust.

relationship coaching

Business Meeting at a Cafe

want to chat? let's connect!

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