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Greetings Human(s) who Lead(s) Me: I recently became aware of this website,,  and the workshops, talks and coaching they offer and I wanted to share them with you because it all seems really helpful and exciting to me. I would love to take the "Human Connection at Work" workshop with you and others who work here! I’m asking you to consider making this available to us.  I’m noticing that I’m also nervous to share this because I don’t want you to assume my feelings about our work culture. I’m nervous because I have an assumption that you will think that I'm judging you, others here or the company culture. The truth is these workshops just look like a really fun, impactful and accessible way for us to learn to enjoy our work more and to relate in easier ways - which will give us all more enthusiasm for our work. They also give talks on nervous system regulation and states of conscious awareness as well as creating a conscious business. There is also somatic self & relational leadership coaching and coaching specific for strivers.  I’m practicing a bit of what the "Human Connection at Work" workshop offers in the way I’m sending this email - I used (and modified) a template that they offered for me to share this with you.  So, with all that, I’ll repeat my excitement and say I’d love to work in a place where the people had this shared language. I would love to take this workshop with you and others who work here! I ask you to consider making this available to us.  I appreciate you & your time! Sincerely,

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