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Point of View & Values

I've included an extensive bio, and "My Why" sections in all of my offerings, for you to explore and get to know me. 

Sometimes workplace relationships & culture can feel like sh*t - and they don't have to.

Simple relational 'games', played openly, bring playfulness to our connections & create a supportive space.

Somatic & Nervous System State awareness is paramount to self & relational leadership.

Transparency & support about this in leadership re-humanizes & connects us.

Nervous System regulation gives you access to changing your thoughts, emotions, beliefs & perspective.

This is part of the magic in somatic coaching. It makes deep change possible.

Business for Humans is an extension of a feeling of purpose I found inside myself. I found this purpose when I explored what life was like when I acted in line with with my values down an ever deepening path of knowing myself. As I have walked my life in line with them they have shifted and deepened and I in turn have experienced alignment - which feels like relief and lightness. This feeling then snapped into focus with a feeling of purpose - that birthed Business for Humans.

Honoring this journey is very important to me so Business for Humans parallels my personal values.

Currently I express these as:

Compassionate Awareness

Open Heartedness 


Walking My Talk

Playfulness & Accessibility

my values

It's very important to me that what I share is able to be practiced and integrated into our day to day lives - and that it is fun and easy to learn. I live what I share - I learn, practice and integrate as a way of life.

This allows me to share from an integrated place inside myself with playfulness, lightness and fun - making even the challenging concepts accessible.

want to chat? let's connect!

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