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Curated Facilitated Workshops & Talks

humans at work attempting to communicate and connect and having challenges

Go from frustrated to seen,  valued & connected. 


My workshop experiences are an invitation into more connected, supportive and co-creative way of being with your colleagues (and in your entire life). 

I support you on a journey of meeting yourself & others where you're at - in a way that feels normalizing, accepting, empathetic, encouraging, supportive, playful & accessible. When we lean into the HOW we do things together the WHAT we do becomes easier, more joyful & more is attainable. Practicing these skills significantly impacts what & how we accomplish together & how we feel while doing that. 

Workshop Experiences

Empowering human connection - at work - with yourself - as a leader.


Let's Connect, Share a Conversation & Co-Create growth! 

Sharing of our experiences, stories and perspectives helps normalize, validate, inspire, challenge, encourage & support each other. I value non-judgement, curiosity & growth!

talks & interview media kit


want to chat? let's connect!

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