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Spread the Connection

You clicked on a Social Media Link and it brought you here.


I'm currently conducting a social experiment where I rely on Word of Mouth for my marketing.

(how crazy is that!)

I'm hoping to enrol you in this game.

Please spread the word if you feel impacted or interested by my offerings!

Tell your friends, boss, colleagues - in person, online, in an email, in a letter, with a pigeon...  

If you want to share any of my pages or content, please copy the url and share away!

(like 1998!)

My Why

I'm committed to aligning my actions with my values.

In this case, although I love to share thoughts and ideas, I value walking my talk, nervous system regulation over striving, deeper connection and not doing something from fear of lack and co-creation & inter-dependence over ultra-independence. 

So, I'm currently not focusing my energy and time on social media sharing & influencing for business for humans.

I may in future...? - walking in line with my values is a living practice where sometimes another value becomes more important.

For now, I'm focusing on building relationships, connections, co-creations and synergy!

If you want to connect, even just to say hey, please do!

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