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I support people in shifting workspaces from being a frustrating, resentment-filled drain on our will to live to creating spaces where you feel energized, valued & connected.




Curated & Facilitated Workshop Experiences for Workspaces

creating relief & synergy in your workspace through deeper connection to yourself & others

who & why
Executive Summary

This workshop gives your teams & partnerships a shared experience & language.

Practicing these skills significantly impacts what & how we accomplish together & how we feel while doing that.

Executive Summary (TLDR)

Who: All humans you choose to include from your team(s), your business & from your strategic partnerships.

What: Participating in curated, business specific authentic relating games where you experience ways of being & communicating that can significantly shift your connections.

Where & When: In person, at your workspace or rented venue, anywhere in the world, when it suits our schedules. 

Why: Humans have finite capacity & we often have that energy tied up in multiple challenging circumstances, relationships, situations, projects... Practicing the skills experienced in this workshop frees up energy caught in drama, challenge & emotional processing - creating room for understanding, connection & co-creation.

 I experienced the impact of relationships, especially with myself, on my well-being & ‘success’ in life & business. I know what it’s like to feel resentment, frustration, anger, defeat, giving up & giving in - how coping with “it is what it is” seeps in & mutes us.


I then learned a new way - a way in & through - a way to join us together as a team & assist each other in mutual visions. A way of co-creating community & individual experiences that are fulfilling. (about me)

my why

(why me)

I learned how to have industry creating, great human relationships in business - the hard way -
I value supporting others in creating connective spaces - the human way! 


This workshop is not a lecture nor a communication teaching - rather I lead you in experiencing a series of accessible & fun ‘games’ where you safely test drive relational & communication techniques. 

The practices you will experience are an invitation to live in a new, open, connective, creative, synergistic way in all of your relationships - including with your employees, bosses, clients, suppliers, partner, spouse, children...every human.

Every workshop includes a 15 page extensive resource covering all the content of the course plus extra depth on each topic. This guides your team's integration of the workshop content & experience. After the workshop you will be given access to exclusive practice sessions. 

Acceptance & non-judgement are key - open welcoming of the reality of what & how we are. I guide you in games where you are given opportunities and ways to safely and playfully explore what's going on for you. These games help us feel connected, understanding & understood. What follows is potential - expansion, growth & synergy - that is far more powerful than anything possible through force & control.

This workshop cuts through the personas we play within business spaces to the core of our humanness - our needs to be seen, heard, valued & feel connected. Cultivating a culture that meets these needs ultimately frees up our individual energy to be used for aligned & collective goals. Ultimately, this workshop is a re-humanizing experience. It is not a team building “exercise” - it’s a Cultivating of Connection itself.

how does it work

I support you on a journey of meeting yourself & others where you're at - in a way that feels normalizing, accepting, empathetic, encouraging, supportive, playful & accessible

When we lean into the HOW we do things together the WHAT we do becomes easier, more joyful & more is attainable


I encourage inclusion of your entire team in exploring these practices - from CEO to client services.
This inclusion accelerates the shift - improving workspace relationships, communication & culture


I support everyone, at all company “levels” in learning these practices and in becoming grounded, open, authentic leaders in their lives & work. This workshop is best suited for larger groups with a minimum of 6-12. See "how much" area for strategies to sort this if you have a small group. 

I encourage owners, executives, team leaders & client services providers - who are often the “vibe setters” for the company - to transparently practice these skills & lead by example. 

This workshop is in person - I come to you. What!? The deepest layers of attunement & presence are found in in-person community. I value everyone feeling these practices & their possibilities, so in-person depth is key.

I will come to your workplace or to a venue we rent for the workshop.

I absolutely will travel to you! Please see my travel policy that includes details on costs for outside of the Greater Victoria Area in BC. A couple example rates without accommodation are: Up Island eg. Courtney ~$130 and Vancouver (including ferry) $350. You can reduce any additional travel costs by finding other companies in your area that want to experience this workshop! 


I value real live connection and the extra depth that this creates in the experience and I’m willing to meet you where you are at

I’m happy to bring this workshop to you wherever you are in the world



how long & when

I will custom create a workshop to suit your needs.

I recommend a 3.5hr journey toge
ther where we will learn several techniques with our mind AND experience the wisdom.
This starts us on a journey to living the practices. 


I will custom create an experience suited to your needs - from a minimum of 1 hour to multiple day immersions. The 3.5 hour recomendation creates the spaciousness for us to be able to drop into depth in connection together. The deepest value this work offers is found in experiencing the practices together. You could intellectually learn a technique in a short period of time - in this container you experience the practices rather than just learning. This leaves an impression making it easier for you to integrate and practice the skills.


Monday-Friday available start times: 8:30am, 12:30pm or 1pm. 
Evening & weekend availability is limited and there is an extra fee of $200.

I will custom create a workshop experience for your team and budget! 

The base price for a 3.5 hour workshop is $1400 and includes up to 12 participants - each additional human is excitingly welcomed at the lower per person rate of $100. Given the workshop's structure, a minimum of 6 participants is recommended, however I can accomodate any group size - read options below if this is a challenge & reach out if needs be.

I invite you to extend your circle to other teams in the company - be sure to include all areas of the company - C-suite, client services, manufacturing, custodial etc.  You can also join with other companies to have a joint event for both of your workplaces - perhaps something synergistic like suppliers, sub-contractors, advertising, legal or accounting teams. Depending on your company and dynamics you could also consider inviting clients - if you are considering this and have not taken my workshops before please reach out for a discussion. 

how much

Co-create a Package that works for us - make a chat appointment and we can discuss.

I custom create a workshop experience for your team. 

Embracing larger group sizes not only enhances cost-effectiveness it significantly magnifies the impact of the work.

Book a Chat!

Interested & ready to book? Or checking if we're a fit? 

Curious & want to chat about business for humans workshops & your workplace?

Want to get a feel for my style of communication? Need more context to be able to book a workshop? 

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