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Bernice Rahm expressing victory in nature after selling company

Go from DOING what you no longer value to BEING who you want to be

Practice Embodied Leadership of Self


recovering CEO* coaching

a supported journey from striving & pushing in mis-alignment to easeful joy & new purpose

*Hey Striver - regardless of your title & degree of "eliteness" -  I am here to support you.

Who & Why

There are moments when you notice what is around you, and what you value, are no longer aligned.

When what you're doing is no longer what you want to be doing.

In these moments, transitioning what you are doing requires a transition of who you are being.



You may be ready to transition to the next phase your "doing" - your career - perhaps one that feels more purposeful. You may be ready to transition from "doing" to simply enjoying what there is to offer in being human. I'll support you in whatever phase of this transition you're in.

For strivers specifically, when you've wired yourself to perform, transitioning into a new way of being sometimes isn't as easy as "just relax & enjoy what you've earned". Transitioning to a new way of being is a process - that can be uncomfortable. I will support you in a journey from striving, pushing or doing. Through re-designing your world to bring more of what you desire. Into welcoming the expansive joy of being in whatever you choose to do - whether that's learning to enjoy bike rides & just being in nature or in finding purpose & bringing that into your world.

Somatic coaching helps you tune into & be with your body & its messages - this leverages your ability to shift toward what you desire.


In coaching, the question is not "what do I know that you don’t" or "what problem have I encountered and solved that will solve your situation"? Coaching as a modality is generally described as supporting you moving from this moment toward what you desire. What generally prevents us from moving forward how & when we like is something from our past, or projections from our past into our future. We have stored energetic nervous system imprints from our life experience.

Somatic coaching gives you awareness of the root of challenges - giving you access to conscious choice that you can use to create the life you desire. In somatic coaching, the question is what will the space of attuned presence, curiosity and clear non-judgment allow you to see in yourself? I will support you by listening deeply from my being and following your energy shifts as you explore your challenges and choices. I'll support you in seeing any new awareness and in consciously deciding what you want to do with what you see. 

What is Coaching & Somatic Coaching?

I hold a space of curious, compassionate acceptance of whatever arises in you, so you can safely explore new ways of being. I explain how I'm doing what - so you learn to attune & be present with yourself, to transmute stuck energy & move forward.

"Somatics is a holistic way to transform. It engages our thinking, feeling, sensing, and actions. Transformation, from a somatic view,
means that the way we are, relate, and act become aligned with our visions and values—even under pressure. More than understanding and insight, it supports us in embodying new ways of being, aligned with a broader vision. Somatics is very effective in both healing trauma and embodying new skills for leadership, organization building, and social change."
The Politics of Trauma by Staci K. Haines

My Why

(why me)

When I sold my company, I went thru a process of unravelling "who I no longer wanted to be" while simultaneously playing with "who I did want to be?" Sometimes this transition felt like flailing - and I often felt alone in it because at times even I didn't know who I was.

There is discomfort in this journey from expertise to the new alignment - or in staying in misalignment - I want to support you in your journey from where you are to where you choose to be. I went thru it feeling alone & flailing and I want others to have the option of feeling validated, reassured & supported in their transition - leveraging our collective learnings.

Even though coaching is not about your coach’s “been there, done that”, like mentoring, it sure feels like deep relief to be validated & supported by someone who has “been there & done that”…and I have…

I pushed, basically my entire life, & I excelled at what I touched. Until I found myself surrounded by things & dedicating my time and energy to stuff that I no longer valued - was no longer fed by - and I was tired of pushing. (about me link) 

So I sold my business and removed myself from striving completely and decompressed. I literally laid on rocks and learned & practiced somatic psychology. In this healing journey from my pushing and striving, I found its source - my desire to be loved - to be seen, validated, heard and to feel that I mattered - that I was good enough. These are basic human needs that I had crosswired with achieving in my childhood. And so I un-crosswired them. I applied my will & diligence to my growth journey and found the unexpected - that there is a "power" far more profound & impactful in acceptance & surrender. And this expansive path led to things far more amazing & joyfilled than any striving ever had.


This is a transformation journey - custom tailored to you. We start with an education session where we build a shared language that we'll expand on throughout. Following this, we'll meet for 1 hour a week to support you in clarifying and moving toward your goals, dreams, desires and vision.

Options to help Choose the Intensity you need.

12 session online video meeting journey $2000

You'll have a total of 15 weeks to use the 12 sessions.

6 session online video meeting journey to be used within 5 months. $1200

Co-create a Package that works for us - make a chat appointment and we can discuss. 

In person considered.

Payment due in advance to preserve & honor the energy, timing & quality of the experience container. Credit card accepted for additional fee. Payment in installments, every 3 sessions, in advance of sessions considered.

In person considered.

Payment due in advance to preserve & honor the energy, timing & quality of the experience container. Credit card accepted for additional fee. Payment in 4 installments, every 3 sessions, in advance of sessions considered.

when, how long & how much

As part of the journey, I will explain to you what I'm doing and teach you to do this for yourself. This transparency empowers you - or rather keeps your power with you. 


I value Integration over Speed.
Co-create a package that allows you space to breathe and integrate & also gives you intensity for your transformation.

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